Hygiene and safety service

Common facilities - Hygiene and safety service


  • Pascal JEANNEY (RSL, AP)
  • Blandine BOURNONVILLE (AP)



Health and safety is a constant concern at LPGP. To this end, we have two prevention
assistants (AP), including a laser safety manager (RSL), who assist the management team
daily in implementing health and safety rules in the laboratory.


Job details:

  • Ensure compliance with safety rules
  • Drawing up and reviewing the "Document Unique de Prévention des Risques" (Single Risk
    Prevention Document)
  • Manage the unit's health and safety register
  • Installation and management of collective protection equipment
  • Training new employees
  • Encourage SST training
  • Chemical waste and WEEE management
  • Storage and listing of chemical products
  • Supply of PPE