Self-consistent 3D modelling of electron beam shaping

Contact: Adrien Revel

Electron beam additive manufacturing uses very high current beams, typically 104 to 106 times more intense than in scanning electron microscopes. The effect of such a high space charge (Coulombian electron-electron repulsion) on beam focusing is critical in order to obtain the micrometer-sized active zone required by the AM process.

Our team has developed a particle model (Particle-in-Cell) called SESAM (Saclay Electron Solution for BeAm Modelling). It aims to study (i) the formation, the acceleration and the transport of intense electron beams (~100 mA) by intense electric fields as well as (ii) its shaping (focusing and astigmatism) and its deflection by well-designed magnetic fields. An example of the shaping result is shown in the figure below, with a deflection coil. This home-made software has been registered under license by the CNRS and University of Paris-Saclay [1].


3D calculation of beam transport in a conventional electron gun, with electron beam deflection

[1] A. Revel &T.M. Minea - SESAM« Saclay Electron Solution for BeAm Modelling » software -
Déposants CNRS/Univ. Paris-Saclay, date de dépôt 9/01/2023, N° DL 16346-01